1) A rapid decline in the planet’s oxygen production capacity and the destruction of both ecosystems and the species that inhabit them; the removal of a major component of the planet’s living systems.

2) A type of habitat destruction that results in a decrease in the species diversity.

3) A common practice of the industrial agriculture system and one fostered by a) the limited liability protections given to corporations and b) the logic of financial statements, which is indifferent to losses born by others.

See the speed at which deforestation can occur with current technology.

Deforestation leads to oxygen loss

Habitat Destruction

1) An extreme pressure on a species that often results in its extinction; a recipe for extinction.

2) The displacement of species due to the destruction of ecosystems that results from seeing land as a commodity to be exploited.

3) The logical result of the belief in the primacy of human beings over the planet (and other species) and the labeling of land as a commodity or a good to be transacted in a marketplace.