Please answer the following questions to assess your level of motivation.


If you had a time machine that would allow you to go back in time in order to prevent World War 2 and in the process spare millions of lives, would you do so?


What if doing so caused you to lose your own life (by dying in the process or because the alteration in history had prevented you from being born)? Would your answer still be yes?


If your answer is still yes, then would you say that giving up your life in order to save the lives of millions of others was a good (if difficult) use of your life?


If your answer is yes, then what would you be willing to do in order to save millions of people in the future, people who will die as a result of climate change or other environmental disasters that might be prevented by your actions now?

For a sense of how others would view those who saved millions, see how people view a man who saved the lives of only 664 people.

This above quiz is based on the thought experiment by Todd May.